Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 8-05-2023

Thank you for visiting Orange Toon! In this Privacy Policy we have detailed our operations, what we do with the information we receive. When you use "Orange Toon" you are asked to grant certain access. It is not necessary that you give access to everything, including cookies.

Information We Collect:
-We may collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us when you interact with our website, such as your name and email address. We use this information to communicate with you and provide the services you request.

Use of Information:
The following are the purposes for which we use the information we receive from you.
- We improve our site by looking at the information received from you.
- Find out which part of the site you like best.
- Considering your needs, we arrange our posts accordingly and give new posts.
- We use this information to contact you.
- To send you updates, newsletters, and promotional materials, if you have opted to receive them.
- We use the information we receive from you to perform various data analysis and member tracking of our website.

Third-Party Services:
We may use third-party services, such as analytics tools, to help us understand and improve our website.Usually these websites collect information from your browser. "Cartoon Saga" does this because we use this information to improve our service.

Data Security:
"Orange Toon" always monitors the information received from you very carefully so that this information is not disclosed in any way. Tarp also remains a possibility, from that position we cannot give you 100% assurance. Therefore, you accept cookies at your own risk.

Disclosure of Information:
We do not misuse, sell, or rent the information we receive from you in any way that could harm you. However, we share information with some trusted sites including Google who help me develop "Orange Toon" and as long as they agree to keep the information confidential.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:
"Orange Toon" reserves the right to change the policies we follow at any time. If we change the policy, it's for the better, and we'll update it immediately. So, we hope you'll read the updated policy soon.

Contact Us:
If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding our policies written above, please let us know immediately. "Orange Toon" takes your suggestions or complaints seriously.

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