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The "Tom and Jerry" cartoon series started in 1940. It is edited and produced by American animation cartoonists William Hanna and Joseph Barb. Initially, the "Tom and Jerry" series was released as an addition to a studio called Metro-Goelman Films. Since then, this cartoon has been published by various studios and is still running. "Tom and Jerry" gained full popularity and became known as an unprofitable cartoon series.

The main characters of this cartoon are Tom,(a cat) and Jerry(a mouse). These two characters live in the same house and have an immense relationship.

The series is funny and when Tom tries to destroy Jerry, it is very funny. Tom mainly tries to beat Jerry, but it usually fails and Jerry is not always defeated as a result. Inside the picture there are various humorous incidents that show the happy relationship between Tom and Jerry and the simple love-tangle between the two of them.

Initially there was no voice acting in this cartoon but now some human presence and dubbing are added to make the series more interesting. It is equally popular in different countries.And, it is not dubbed in any country. But it is first dubbed in Bangladesh. Tom & Jerry are shown on Cartoon Network channel world wide.

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